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minimalism on the mind

Fall is here. The kids are back to school (finally). The house is empty of people but FULL of stuff: toys, photos, knickknacks, school projects, old clothes... stained clothes, magazines, shoes, coats, more toys.

We are craving less, way less.

Are you with us?

min·​i·​mal·​ism; noun: a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

Minimalism doesn't have to be extreme - it is simply living with less.

Don't worry, we are not suggesting that you dispose of everything but your favorite coffee mug and a chair...BUT, do we really need 15 coffee cups? Let's consider what life would be like if the cupboard contained your favorite coffee cup and maybe one or two others. Let's be honest - you only really use that favorite cup on a daily basis. If it's dirty, you wash it before choosing a clean one out of the cupboard! The same goes for yoga pants.

So much of what we possess, we don't use. Purchases are often made for a specific purpose or to solve a problem. As time passes, we keep that item around, they build up over time, and they become part of the fabric of our homes. They may be neatly stored or on the counter waiting for a home. Either way, the question is, do we really need these things? Maybe our lives would be better without them.

SO, this October we are playing the Minimalists’ 30-Day Minimalism Game. Day 1 you get rid of one thing, Day 2- two things, Day 3 - three things, etc. By day 31 you will have gotten rid of about 500 items! Make your piles; donate, sell, recycle.

Click here to learn more about the game!

Still not convinced? "Friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how it’s never too late to start over with less, and why simplifying can lead us to more fulfilling lives". Click here link to watch the trailer for their Netflix documentary, "The Minimalists: Less is Now".


Resources for donations:

Donate your furniture and household items to local families in need:

The Warehouse (NEW JERSEY)

The Salvation Army is helping those impacted by wildfires and hurricanes

List of 8 Charities that offer FREE furniture pick-up


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