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"I've worked with Jenny for years and she's inspired and helped me create a true sense of spaciousness, calm and beauty in a smaller sized home.  She had so many innovative ideas on where to arrange furniture and what color schemes would compliment different spaces in my home.  She also opened my eyes to simple and minimalist living which has created so much more flow through my entire home.  I'm grateful for her guidance on simple and streamlined living."

-Jenny H.

"The interior of my house was in need of updating. I didn't know where to begin.

I contacted Sarah for help. She was able to direct me with removing what was  dated and worn and suggesting ways to update my interior decor. From removing draperies and wall paper to suggesting paint colors for my walls and updating some furniture pieces.  She was very helpful and now my house looks so much better.

I feel great about my home!"

-Paul R.

"I have moved many times in the last few years and Jenny has helped me unpack and organize. She made thoughtful suggestions about how to make the best use of the space. Jenny was essential in styling. She created aesthetic surroundings that make me feel calm and at home. She made my things look nice. When we were finished it was hard to believe the home she helped me create was made with my things. Jenny made suggestions on pieces to add - a rug, lamp and accent pillows - to enhance the space. She helped me pick out each item, keeping with my personal style and color scheme - I love green. She was patient and respectful of my sometimes odd preferences.  She work tirelessly, made sure everything that came out of a box was clean when placed in it’s new home, and she stayed until the last box was unpacked and the every detail was addressed. I can’t say how thankful I am to have had her help."


 - Sam  J.

I literally felt paralyzed every time I walked into my storage room. I couldn’t see the ground!

Sarah is amazing! She was patient with me, had a clear plan as to what we needed to do and was not afraid to get dirty! She asked all the right questions while going through my ‘stuff’ making me pause and ask myself why I was still holding onto it. She established a great balance of sell, donate and giveaway and made excellent suggestions for the use of our space!

I would highly recommend Sarah for ANY home organizing project!


-Sonia K.

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