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At burrow & birch we are excited to help you to create functional and beautiful spaces that fit the unique needs of your life. We can help you with any project of any size in your home or business.

minimize & organize


pare down your belongings

back to the basics - less is best 


When your home feels cluttered your mind feels cluttered.   Minimizing your belongings and creating simple, sustainable systems can make your space feel larger and create a sense of calm and order in your home. 



downsizing, unpacking & settling


Big or small - where to begin?  

We are all always experiencing some transition in some form. 

Only the items you love or need should be packed and moved to the new space.  Other items can be donated, passed along to a loved one, or put in storage for future use.  

Moving is a wonderful way to get organized.  Unpack with intention - using your space to its fullest potential and setting up sustainable, organized systems as you go.


space planning & home vision  


Are you getting the best use out of your space? Does it support your family and lifestyle? Can’t see the potential of your new home or want to redesign an existing space more in line with your style?

You do not have to embark on a huge renovation - simple updates can dramatically elevate your home.  Make sure you are using your space to its full potential.


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