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The beginning of the year is a natural time to take stock of your home.

What is working?

What is not?

What systems need an overhaul?

We are running behind schedule on everything this year, thank you Covid.

Taking stock starts now. No better time than the present.

Let's get started.


Clean. It. Out.

Wipe down the shelves, discard expired food. Only put back the food that you actually want to eat - perfect time for a fresh start.

A note on serving dishes and platters... You just made several special meals. Are there any serving dishes that you no longer use? Take stock and pare down.


Halfway through winter. Are the systems working? Or are there coats, hats, mittens and boots all over the floor?

Kids’ room:

We have holiday birthdays in our house. So the explosion of books, games and legos is real. Time to make sure everything has a home (the perimeter of the room does not count).

Are they wearing all of the clothes that are stuffed in their drawers? Do they still fit?

How do we have this many stuffed animals??

Are there games you no longer play? Does your 14 year old still have a 60 piece Peter Rabbit puzzle? (Yup, just found that in there).

Your closet:

Were you wrapping and stashing in your closet? Make sure you only have clothes in there and only clothes you like to wear. Put the tape and scissors back where they belong.

Medicine cabinet:

A new year. Check expiration dates and take stock of what you have and what you need.

It’s tIme for a fresh start!


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