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things we love, feel and are trying to do….


We are home from a quick vacation and I am finding myself walking around the house with garbage bags. Fill’er up.

With a fresh set of eyes, you see everything differently. After being away I have a wave of motivation to just do it. Get it done.

4 bags. 1 for donation and 3 for garbage: Used crafts, mismatched things that I am tired of looking at. I was ruthless. It felt so good.

You only need 5 minutes.

Put your own oxygen mask on first

They tell us this every time we get on a plane… yet we never seem to listen.

After a long weekend skiing in Utah I find myself in a knee brace and potentially torn ACL (we will find out next week).

So this week I need to find / take extra time to take care of myself.

I am looking at my injury as an opportunity to think about things differently and start some new healthy habits. I can get it done, but just not quickly.

Almost a gift? Not there yet.

Things I am making time for : Icing my leg, getting to bed earlier, journaling and reading.

I am realizing that I am not a help to anyone else unless I take care of myself first.


We are loving Half Baked Harvest.

This week I tried Tieghan’s Sheet Pan 30 Minute Sticky Apricot Chicken.

It was a big hit.


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