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go easy on yourself

It’s June. Summer is upon us. School is out. The kids are home. (Maybe they never left). If you are like us, your summer gig as a full time camp counselor, cook and grounds keeper is about to begin.

So go easy on yourself.

Pick a few (attainable) things to do each day to keep the house organized and your mind clear & get out and enjoy yourself.

5 things that Jenny is doing this summer:

  1. Make the beds and tidy bathrooms every morning.

  2. Kids read for 40 minutes first thing every morning so that I can get my work done.

  3. Enlist help. The kids are capable. I plan to put them to work.

  4. Tidy the house each evening - family space is cleared of children’s possessions, dishwasher running, lists made, and laundry put away.

  5. Have fun!

5 things that Sarah is doing this summer:

  1. Make sure everyone eats breakfast (you don’t know hangry until you live with two teenage girls)

  2. Kids watch their show and get that out of the way so I can refer back to this later when they beg for more; “you already had TV time this morning, remember”

  3. Enlist help. Each child has their own mudroom space (it’s not beautiful, but it’s their spot) and a summer bag. They are responsible for packing it with what they need for a day at the pool - towel, change of clothes, book, activities, etc.

  4. Tidy the house - clean up the kitchen and any items that were left “out and around” the house. Dishwasher running is a MUST so it’s clean and ready for tomorrow. My laundry is not necessarily put away :)

  5. Be present. Some summer days feel like a lifetime, but we will look back and realize they flew by. Let’s try to be present for it all and enjoy the moments.


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