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How to handle the last day of school clutter


They’re home.

And they brought ALL of it home with them.

Notebooks, artwork, wrinkled papers, half chewed pencils, broken crayons, stinky lunch boxes, wrappers, unused planners. ALL OF IT.

Resist the urge to zip it up for a rainy day.

Unpack it. Now.

On the last day of we school clean out the backpacks and sort through the school work (mentally and physically) to make room for summer.

Each child makes a pile of all of their work from the year and cleans out all the gunk from the backpacks which go right into the washing machine.

One at a time we go through their work. They show me what they have done. We read papers, admire artwork, we ohh and ahh and then we recycle it. We save favorite assignments and art as well as any notebooks (tearing out used pages), dividers and binders that can last another year.

We put what we save away and we are done.

School is over (and out of my house).


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