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how to handle laundry overload

“can the laundry go faster?”

My son asked me this one morning when he was searching for a particular shirt to wear. For real. And I am fast.

There are 7 people in my family and they are all active therefore wearing several items of clothing every day. And then there are sheets, towels, napkins & dish towels - even the dog creates laundry!

I have thought about asking my family members for help with the laundry. But, I am frightened that it would get all messed up. My husband has shrunk several of my favorites. I would rather have them help me in other ways. Besides, I have a system and it works.

Here are my tips for staying afloat in the laundry room:

  • In the morning I collect the laundry from the baskets around the house. You might think the kids could bring it to the laundry room. I am not sure what your morning’s look like, but I can barely get mine to brush their teeth before the bus!

  • Only collect the laundry that is IN the basket. Sorry boys.

  • Fold right out of the dryer. The only exception here is sheets -they go right back on the bed so you don’t have to fold them at all :)

  • Put family members clean laundry in baskets for them to take to their rooms and put away. I run a heck of a service, but I will NOT put your laundry away.

  • No matter what you are doing - the laundry can always be going. I start it first thing in the morning and it goes until it is done.

Tidy tip: in the afternoons I put an empty laundry basket in by the mudroom/ kitchen to collect all of the day’s dirty laundry that comes through the back door.

So “can the laundry go faster?” The answer is no. You are lucky I even do your laundry.


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