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tackling overwhelm

May 2021

No milk for my morning coffee, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, kids backpacks and shoes are on the floor- everywhere, legos (need I say more), a huge work assignment looming, the dog needs a walk, the refrigerator is empty, quick emergency grocery shop before school pick up (yes, school pick up is at 12:00pm for my middle schooler but that’s another story), kids are hangry, doctors appointments after school, start dinner so kids have something to eat before sports, previously mentioned dog vomits -twice- on the kitchen floor, you guessed it - we are out of trash bags. Of course we are out of trash bags. It’s only 4pm.

Sound familiar?

Many of us feel this type of overwhelm on a daily basis. Perhaps for you these types of days are rare and you just have the occasional hectic day - all day! It happens! There are several things we can do to keep life in order so that we avoid overwhelm at home (see blog post: 5 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Morning), but some days just stink.

Stop and smell the roses (peonies)!

Life may continue to throw you curve balls, but those challenges will feel more manageable if you take just five minutes of self-care.

Self care tips:

1. Pause. Be still for just 5 minutes (even if it is in the school pick up line, in the dentist office waiting room, or in the parking lot before you run into the grocery store). That pause makes all the difference. It allows you to ride the wave of your emotions and reset your body and mind.

2. Take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath sends a message to your brain to calm down. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress and it's quick and easy.

3. Be present. As you are moving through your crazy day, try to be present and aware of what’s unfolding. By being present, you can see the situation for what it is and not let it totally unravel you.


And then laugh. Laugh at the ridiculousness of the day. I mean really, how could I have been OUT of trash bags when cleaning up dog puke!! Laughter has been proven to alleviate stress in the body. It is magical how humor (calming your mind) really changes everything!

After a 5 minute pause, it's easy to see how these gorgeous peonies mask the horrid smell of dog puke. Icing on the cake!


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